About Us

"Aparag Mining" LLC is considered the leading producer of the industrial explosives in Armenia. The company was founded in 2010.

We produce high-quality emulsion explosive material "Armex," "Anfo," and non-electric initiation system "Armdet," according to the modern technologies and latest standards.

The "Aparag Mining" Factory is situated in the southern part of Armenia, in the Syunik Province. It is near huge and immense mining enterprises, such as Zangezur CMC, Agarak CMC, and Kapan polymetallic mine. It is also considered the only factory of its kind in the territory of Armenia.

In the process of the production, we are not only directed to the production cycle and working conditions, but also to the environmental safety principles.

The Maximum Quality

"Aparag Mining" LLC provides various complex services in carrying out drilling-and-blasting operations in the territory of Armenia.

Our highly qualified specialists will choose the optimal scheme of carrying out the drilling-and-blasting operations to solve your individual tasks.