Activities of the Company

"Aparag Mining" LLC is located in the city of Kajaran (Syunik Province), in the immediate vicinity of "ZCMC" CJSC. In 2011, the company introduced the following products: the capsule sensitive (first) emulsion explosive "Armex Power" and "Armex Power Plus," no capsule sensitive (secondary) emulsion explosive "Armex," and "Anfo" (granular explosive). The production is carried out in accordance with patented technologies.

The emulsion explosive "Armex" is produced in two types: filled and cartridged. "Armex" is a water-resistant emulsion explosive, designed to be used in hard rock conditions. It can be initiated by special cartridges. "Armex" is highly explosive and has blasting properties. The delivery of "Armex" emulsion explosive to the place of blasting is carried out by special bulk explosive mobile processing units of American production. The components of "Armex" are in separate compartments, which ensures reliable and security-enhanced delivery. When charging the holes, the components are mixed by bulk explosive mobile processing units, which activates the explosives into boreholes.

The capsule sensitive "Armex Power" and "Armex Power Plus" have high workability, blasting properties and are ideal explosives for initiating "Anfo" and other no capsule sensitive explosives. The prices of "Armex Power" and "Armex Power Plus" are lower, than Ammonium and other explosives. All cartridged "Armex" products are intended to be used in dry and water wells. The cartridges are manufactured in different diameters. They have excellent technical characteristics, which is one of the most important prerequisites to efficiently break rocks of any category.

The suppliers of raw materials and parts for our products are well-known companies, such as "Orica" (Sweden), "Nelson Brothers" (USA), "Tread Corporation" (USA) and so on. Our products have been widely used in Armenian mining companies, including "ZCMC" CJSC, "Agarak CMC" CJSC, "Teghout" CJSC, "Akhtala Mining and Enrichment Combine" CJSC and "Kapan Mining and Enrichment Combine" CJSC. "Aparag Mining" also carries out blasting operations in the mines of "ZCMC" CJSC. The annual volume of blasted rock mass is 10 million cubic meters.